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Homeless World Cup - Mauricio Bustamante

In 2003, Mel Young, founder of the Scottish street paper “The big issue“ and of the “International Network of Street Papers”, created a unique movement: the Homeless World Cup (HWC).
The HWC is an annual soccer competition for homeless people and helps young homeless all over the world to find a way back into society.
Mauricio Bustamante, Argentinean photographer, has accompanied the Homeless World Cup with his camera since the first competition in 2003.
He’s been on site at all seven locations: Graz, Gothenburg, Edinburgh, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Melbourne and Milan.
Bustamante is THE documentalist of this World Cup, a blessing for the social aspect of soccer. His committed photodocumentaries are characterized by a close relationship with the people he portrays in his unique way, building these people their own photographical monument. In his work art and life are connected in an outstanding manner.

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